Welcome to General’s Wine and Spirits

Opening our doors in 2016 we have been welcomed to the community with open arms. Although Generals is new to Crownsville our staff is not new to the business. With many years of experience we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about the products coming in and out of our market. Walking through our door you will be greeted with a friendly face and a helping hand with any questions you may have. We will guide you to the perfect pair for any meal, gift, or occasion!

410-923-1223       1355 Generals Highway Crownsville, MD 21032


We offer every day as well as certain days of the week for specific sale!

All wines mix and match varietals and sizes for the discount
  • Everyday we offer 5% off a half case (6 bottles) of wine & 10% off of a full case (12 bottles)
  • Sunday we offer 10% off all wines and 15% off of a case
  • Everyday Red Dot 20% off a full case (12 bottles) of wine
  • Wednesday we offer 10% off microbrews of any size or quantity
(All discounts exclude items already on sale or our everyday low price items that end in a .97) 

While Supplies Last-

Bud & Bud light 18pk Cans & bottles $14.50

Bud & Bud Light 30pk cans $22.48

Miller light & Coors light 18pk cans $14.50

Miller light & Coors light 18pk bottles $14.95

Miller light 30pk cans  $22.48

Coors light 30pk cans $22.94


Every good cocktail requires only the best ingredients. We offer craft, small batch, and big brand products at competitive prices.